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About us

Origins of the company

The founder of ALQUILERES ANDALUCES, S.A., Casimiro Lóper Lazcoz, runs the business since 1982. Since its inception, ALQUILERES ANDALUCES, S.A. sought to provide a comprehensive service to its customers, addressing their needs in construction and rehabilitation works and in the industrial sector. The company specialises in the erection and rental of auxiliary equipment for these two sectors, in particular for works at height. Indeed, tubular scaffolds are its main core business.

About us - Alquiansa

Areas of activity

Since the beginning, the company has conducted business mostly throughout Andalusia, as well as the rest of Spain.

ALQUIANSA provides fit-for-purpose solutions to the needs of its customers. Over time, ALQUIANSA has expanded the range of scaffolds listed in its catalogue.

In addition to the “traditional” tubular scaffold, it also provides the frame or multidirectional type “European” tubular scaffolding, a pioneering innovation in Spain.

It also began to market power-operated suspended scaffolds and hoists, followed by scaffolds for façade stabilisation systems, formwork and aluminium mobile towers, as well as other auxiliary equipment, including rack and pinion scaffolding, lifts for work crew, access ladders and scaffolding for performances.


The company was soon quality certified (ISO, etc.). In 2005, the company moved to its current headquarters in Seville, where more than 22,000 m2 of materials and equipment are stocked. It is also home to a modern fleet of diverse vehicles that service our customers across Andalusia and Spain.

About us - Alquiansa
About us - Alquiansa
About us - Alquiansa


The company also has a sales office at Cadiz and Madrid. Furthermore, it is currently in the process of opening new sales offices in Andalusia and the rest of Spain. The company has expanded its presence in such important sectors as renewable energy (thermal solar and wind), civil engineering, mining and aerospace. It has also consolidated its reputation and leadership in areas such as rehabilitation, new construction and heritage maintenance.

About us - Alquiansa

After 40 years of activity, the company is now a second-generation family enterprise with Moisés López de Larrauri as its administrator and CEO. The company has managed to weather the global financial crisis, thanks to the internationalisation of the business and expansion of the product and service range.

Currently, the company offers scaffolding rental and erection services in the UK, Portugal and Morocco. We also provide consultancy services globally.

We have recently expanded our range of services to include specialised work-at-heights and marketing of lifelines. The company is fully compliant with the current Spanish Data Protection Act (LOPD) and all applicable risk prevention regulations. Furthermore, we have an active Corporate Social Responsibility system. He has an obsessive concern for safety. We are well aware that an economic scaffolding tailored to the needs of our customers must also be safe. Accordingly, our scaffolds are fully compliant with the current Law on Prevention of Occupational Hazards. Furthermore, our company has an OSHA certification and is involved in the Junta de Andalucía’s PAEMSA programme.

In this context, one of the core values of the company is respect for the environment. Indeed, the company is ISO-certified for environmental standards.