Internationalization - Alquiansa


Alquiansa is currently in a period of internationalization of its products and services. We have created an Export Department that has had its first success getting our materials and assembly services to the United Kingdom, in such a way that our company has been in charge of the assembly of the tubular scaffolding structures for the façade necessary to undertake rehabilitation and improvement works. energy of facades in entire neighborhoods of British cities. As can be seen in the photographs that we incorporate in this section, corresponding to the neighborhoods of Glacis Estate and Sir William Jackson.

Likewise, this Export Department will also be able to explain to each of our clients, who so request, what is the service program provided by Alquiansa for international works. As an introduction, these services may consist of:

Transportation services to work for the Alquiansa park material with rental and plans and instructions for assembly and disassembly, the labor being on behalf of the client in the country of destination, labor directed by a technician-assembler from our company in the Destination country.

Transportation services to work for the Alquiansa park material with rental and complete assembly and disassembly services by our company personnel transferred to the destination country.

Tailor-made consultancy service for international works, which may include, among other services, the specific design of the scaffolding structures in the destination work, the manuals for use and assembly and disassembly of the scaffolding and the adaptation of these structures to the regulations of each country.

Internationalization - AlquiansaInternationalization - AlquiansaInternationalization - AlquiansaInternationalization - AlquiansaInternationalization - AlquiansaInternationalization - Alquiansa